Immigration Reform: Yes we Can?

New America Media, Commentary, Ali Noorani Posted: Jan 27, 2009

Editor’s Note: The promise of change ushered in by Barack Obama’s administration has to also extend to immigration reform says Ali Noorani, executive director of National Immigration Forum, a non-partisan immigrant advocacy organization based in Washington, D.C. Immigration Matters reflects the views of leading immigration rights advocacy groups.

“On this day, we gather because we have chosen hope over fear, unity of purpose over conflict and discord. On this day, we come to proclaim an end to the petty grievances and false promises, the recriminations and worn-out dogmas that for far too long have strangled our politics.”

With these powerful words, President Barack Obama signaled to the millions of people standing before him at his Inauguration, that a change in discourse is coming to America, away from the politics of fear and towards the politics of hope. This renewed promise to pursue genuine solutions to the problems facing the American people must include broad change to our dysfunctional immigration system.

President Barack Obama has advocated for comprehensive immigration reform that will increase opportunities for people to come to this country legally to reunite with their families and to work within rational limits. He realizes that reforming our immigration system includes encouraging undocumented immigrants to come out of the shadows and get into the system and right with the law.

The 2008 elections changed the political landscape and created a clear mandate to change our immigration system so that all immigrants can once again embrace America as a land of fairness and opportunity. The makeup of Congress has changed: Hardliners on immigration in both the House and Senate have been replaced by politicians who favor immigration reform that ensures the economic security of all Americans. Responding to the negative rhetoric of the immigration debate, immigrant and Latino voters turned out in record numbers to vote for change. Latino voters helped turn Florida, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, and Virginia from red to blue, and are the fastest growing segment of the electorate.

More broadly, the American people—whites, African Americans, Asian Americans, Latinos, independents, young people—have elected an African American to lead this country. We are becoming more diverse and more tolerant of that diversity. This tolerance shows up in opinion polls that test voter attitudes towards immigration reform. Over the past few years, voters have consistently favored comprehensive immigration reform over enforcement-only approaches that would require all undocumented immigrants to leave.

The Obama administration has the opportunity to provide the leadership to mend our broken immigration system, legalize undocumented immigrants, unite families, protect workers, and restore the rule of law.

If we want to fix the immigration system in any meaningful way, we need a change from the last two decades of enforcement-only approaches to immigration policy. Immigration and Customs Enforcement in the Department of Homeland Security has come down hard on undocumented immigrant workers. The agency has separated immigrant families and terrorized whole communities in random raids, which may remove a few hundred of the 12 million or so undocumented immigrants in this country, but can do little to restore order to our immigration system. The methods used by the agency to enforce our broken laws have degraded the due process rights upon which this country was founded and have been an ineffective solution to our immigration troubles.

With the stroke of a pen, President Obama can dial back the greatest excesses and wasteful spending of Bush administration enforcement practices and focus on sensible enforcement measures targeting persons who might be a threat to America, not those who are integral to our economy. News reports on the first day of the Obama administration putting federal regulations under scrutiny and placing a hold on Bush’s midnight policy changes is encouraging.

But real reform will establish a system that rational immigrants and employers will choose to use, rather than circumvent. It will include a remedy for the hundreds of thousands of close family members seeking legal admission, but who are caught in immigration backlogs. Real reform will mean taking the pressure off of the border so that scarce resources can be deployed to identify and counteract legitimate threats with less time wasted on interdicting economic migrants who will become productive workers and taxpayers, particularly if they are allowed to come with vetting and a visa rather than in the dead of night with a smuggler.

Real reform will recognize that millions of immigrants are here illegally, working, paying taxes, and raising families. A large population of workers and families existing outside the system is unacceptable. We need to get these undocumented individuals into the system so that we ensure they pay their fair share and have the same rights and responsibilities as everyone else. Only through a controlled legalization of those who meet certain criteria can we hope to isolate those few immigrants hiding under the radar that may wish to do us harm or take unfair advantage of our generosity.

This is how we regain control, create an even playing field for all workers in the economy, and ensure that workers and employers who play by the rules will be rewarded rather than undercut.

The American people want real solutions, not divisive rhetoric. The new administration and new Congress hold great promise for progress on immigration reform. Now it is up to people of conscience to hold our elected representatives accountable and demand immigration reform that benefits the American people, America’s economic and homeland security, and moves us towards a new era of recognizing that immigration is not a source of weakness for America, it is a sign of our strength.

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User Comments

Tammy on Feb 21, 2009 at 13:41:18 said:

I\'m a US citizen and I want a Immigration Reform, There are US citizen families that suffer because of the current immigration laws. The 3 to 10 ban that is in effect for those that have intered the US without inspection is not fare if a person had lived here in the US for 3,5 or more years with out any crims other then being here in the US and they have formed a family. there are US citizen that live here and committ worse crims and get less time in our jails. where is the family unity. families are being torn apart. Come on Extrem Hardship children taken from there parents, families devided between to countries US citizens having to choose between the US or going to Mexico with there Spouse leaving everything they have and other family member they have here in the US.

Ariel Dixon on Feb 20, 2009 at 08:26:20 said:

Immigration reform has been deeply ingrained within the hearts of many Americans; whether it is a close to home situation, or the loss of a job to an illegal immigrant, the opinions of support or opposition of immigration is still on the mind of the United States. Essentially, America started as a nation of immigrants coming from North, South, East and West, all converging in hopes of one dream—freedom. Even today, most of the immigrants make their pilgrimage to America to find some sort of freedom, whether to gain a better job, to send their children to school or to join their families. Although sometimes reluctant to give up their own nationalism, the immigrants enter into another world and most of the time must assimilate. It is obvious that over time, populations have migrated and given up certain customs and nationalities as they evolve; changing location, religion, culture and ideologies. It is increasingly rare for a person in America to be living in the nation where their ancestors originated.

Supporters of the Immigration reform feel that the illegal immigrants should be deported, because of the multiple inconveniences that they bring to the lives of American citizens. Being able to track down the 12 million undocumented illegal immigrants would be nearly impossible, which is why in 1980 the Kennedy-McCain immigration reform bill was popular for its simple method of granting amnesty, and fines for the illegal immigrants to become citizens. But strict immigration reform supporters felt like this solutions was letting the immigrants get away without punishment.

Although some of the hostility can be unjust, a lot of the opinions are based on reliable facts. For instance, 40 percent of federal court offenders are Hispanic, compared to 27 percent white, and 23 percent black offenders. These percentages show an increase in violence with the increase in illegal immigrants. In light of recent events, Indiana recently got a bill passed to revoke the business licenses of business that employ illegal immigrants. This is the kind of gradual action that is happening within small communities, even though the national government isn’t currently concerned over this issue.

Those who oppose such a strict immigration reform, like the opinions stated within this article, believe that immigrants should be brought to the light so they can fully become citizens and improve our nation. They believe that as another article on immigration reform from New America Media states “undocumented immigrants are first and foremost human beings whose lives are as sacred as that of any other being;” this is a severely important thing to remember when some talk disrespectfully about “those illegals”. The most significant problem with immigration reform is that the people are forgetting that these ‘illegal immigrants’ are human beings; these are human beings that are trying to escape or move to improve their lives. As the immigration reform continues to be pushed along, immigrants are facing hate crimes, and being terrorized—simply based on the fact that they are immigrants.

How does this change our nation? Is it for good or bad? Will it dilute our country’s national identity? There are 45.5 million Hispanic Americans living in the United States---accounting for 15.1 percent of our population. According to these statistics, I can safely say that they are part of the spirit of our nation. Although some of our national roots are intertwined with diversities like Mexican restaurants, china town, and little Italy—our country is a mixture of many diverse nationalities, and that is what makes us the United States of America. What does this reveal about our nation? Nationalism can be expressed along civic, religious, ethnic or ideological basis. So American’s aren’t ethnically or religiously similar—but they are connected by many similar ideals. By accepting people of all diversities into this country, America is a nation-state that governs beyond race and religion, and seeks to treat its people with equality and justice. Through these ideals, the future of America depends on how we treat our fellow mankind.

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sam on Feb 01, 2009 at 18:54:10 said:

I believe in amnesty for illegal immigrants, If we are fair nation and like to help others then why not start with our own country and help people who came to this country and struggled day in and day out just to make their life better...

Gary L. Zerman on Jan 30, 2009 at 11:10:20 said:

Life is a question of choices. Those who made responsible choices and lived by a proper Rule of Law, created a standared of living for the world to envy - America. It was, is, not perfect, and for sometime We have lost our way; the corrupt & derelict decisions that have caused our economy to go into free fall presently clearly show.

Individual responsibilty and enforcing the proper Rule of Law is the only way will can and will find our way back.

A young woman in the Los Angeles area (who already has six (6) children) underwent fertility treatment and just gave birth to OCTUPLETS (8)! She now has FOURTEEN (14) children! How & who is going to pay the bills for those FOURTEEN (14) children?

This woman's conduct (as well as the doctors' who provided the fertility treatment) was totally irresponsible BEFORE the CRASH of the ECONOMY, but now with the CRASH such conduct is disasterous!

Actions have consequenses. Recall the Bill Clinton 1992 campaign mantra: "It's the economy, stupid!" Well now the ECONOMY is in free fall.

The August 2008 issue of Callifornia Lawyer magizne published the article "LET THEM IN - Three New Books Argue That Open Borders Serve the National Interest". Those books are: "Let Them In: The Case for Open Borders" (2008) by Jason L. Riley; "Opening the Floodgates: Why America Needs to Rethink Its Border and Immigration Law" (2007) by Kevin R. Johnson; and "Beyond Citizenship: American Identity After Globalization" (2007) by Peter J. Spiro.

Here is my rebuttal letter to that article, which Claifornia Lawyer did NOT publish.

Letter to the Editor:
Thomas Brom’s “Let Them In, Over Taken By Events – O-B-E,” August, is spin. Spin out of control. First, America already generously Let’s Them In, granting legal resident status and naturalized citizenship every year, to about 2.5 million immigrants. Significantly more than any other nation.

Second, Mr. Brom’s “Let Them In” theme reminded me of the callous quip about a woman getting raped: “Hey, why fight it, just sit back, relax and enjoy it.” That theory’s a non-starter, readily proven again by the 1993 rape, then murder, of Jennifer Ertman (14) and Elizabeth Pena (16), by illegal alien gang member Jose Ernesto Medellin (now 33). Texas just executed him. More recent, there’s SF’s triple murder of the Bologna family in June 2008, LA’s murder of Jamiel Shaw, Jr., in March 2008, and Newark’s execution-style murders of three college students in August 2007. (Illustrative, not exhaustive.) All the product of insane sanctuary city policies coddling and harboring convicted criminal illegal aliens. City, state and fed officials all have blood on their hands.

Third, Mr. Brom’s piece referred to three books advocating open borders, published in 2007-8. I call Mr. Brom and raise him: Michelle Malkin’s Invasion (2002), Victor Davis Hanson’s Mexifornia: A State of Becoming (2003) and Pat Buchanan’s State of Emergency (2006). Fourth, what happened to - the Rule of Law? That America is a nation of laws, not men. That no man is above the law, and that’s what separates America from the rest of the world. Let them in? Open borders? Strange arguments coming from a lawyers’ magazine, but guess we’re just living in the world of Superman Bizarro.

Fifth, we have not been O-B-E, but in fact have had decades of deceit, denial, dysfunction and dereliction of duty (maybe by design NAFTA, NAU, SPP), from all three branches of our federal government. Example: Plyler v. Doe, 457 US 202 (1982), a 5/4 Brennan opinion that admitted the fed’s total failure on illegal immigration, flew in the face of Fong Yu Ting (cited in Brom’s piece, but curiously absent from Plyler), opened the floodgates (see fnt. 2 in Plyler dissent, estimating 3-12 million illegal aliens as of 1981), and denied Texas the natural law remedy of self help. Then California’s Prop 187, torpedoed by a single federal judge. Example: the 1986 bi-partisan Simpson-Mizzoli bill that graciously gave amnesty to 3 million+ illegal aliens, and promised American citizens that it would be - a one-time fix. Can you say Shamnesty? Because that was a fraud, fixed nothing and spawned another 12-20 million+ illegals. Example: the recent 5/4 USSC opinions of Boumediene v. Bush and Dada v. Mukasey, foolishly giving more rights and opening further our courts, to terrorist combatants and illegals, thus making even longer ques for Americans to use their own courts. (See “[Fed] Circuit Judges Decry Immigration Case ‘Tsunami’” by Tony Mauro, 8/12/08 Legal Times and “New Nightmare Census Projections Reveal CHAIN MIGRATION Still Choking Our Future” by Roy Beck, 8/14/08 NumbersUSA.) Example: The dereliction of Presidents Carter to G.W. Bush on this issue, most notably their failure to prosecute cheating employers who hire illegals and refuse to use E-Verify.

Separation of powers, the so-called checks & balances? Phooey! The Rule of Law? Phooey! We are trillions in debt, yet the politicos and judges never ask, who or how we will pay for their frolics.

We get the shaft from all three branches, plus we get to pay the “check” for the actually not so cheaper labor. The same is true for too many state, county and city governments/officials (sanctuary cities); the media (Mr. Brom’s own “It’s why an editor… may choose to bury a story rather than put it on the front page.”); and, the big corp bandits & pirates (that out-source American jobs, hire the illegals and push for more H-1B visas to in-source more foreign workers). The Dems want more voters; the Repubs (and US Chamber of Commerce) want cheap labor. It can be argued, we are well down the road to anarchy.

But the Will of the People has always been clear: STOP IT! Most recently rising up to stop the bogus bi-partisan “comprehensive” shamnesty bill. Yet all ever required was leadership and integrity. To simply apply reason, enforce our existing laws, and follow the advice of Deputy Barney Fife (of Andy of Mayberry): “Nip it. Nip it. Nip it in the bud.” The situation then would have been - the problem that never was.

But that takes courage. Instead, our politicos have chosen to pick the low hanging fruit, and to come up with one scam, scheme and bogus compromise, after another. We must look in the mirror. We must ask: Are we still capable of governing ourselves? Because at present, America has no real Rule of Law - with 12-20 million illegal aliens, it would be foolish to argue otherwise. Fact is, everything has been reduced to politics. Because if baseball used to be America’s pastime, it can be readily argued that today, our pastime now is - lying, cheating, stealing & spin. And it’s everywhere. And it’s destroying our American constitution, country, communities, culture and courts. And it’s killing us.
Open borders - NO! Enforce our laws - YES! Si se puede!

m.l.c. on Jan 30, 2009 at 11:04:15 said:

i been i this great countrysince 1994, i learn a little ESL, pay taxes using my itin number, if sombody showme a way to apply for a green card, belive i do that but is no way because, my corrunt status. this is the reason we need a reform.

liam anna on Jan 28, 2009 at 14:41:57 said:

i came here four years ago with student visa, hoping on becoming a nurse. i was doing very very well on my classes. i was the first on my class at nursing school, my GPA is 3.8 almost perfect. but once i graduated and got my license i couldn't get a job because no hospital want to hire me because i am international student and they prefer American citizen. i was crushed, and now i am in the middle of no where. I hope that something will happen soon, because i pray to God everyday to open up away.

my mother came here a long time ago and worked as a housemaid. she work from 7 in the morning till 8 at night, cleaning and cleaning all day long. do you think that she is stealing an American job? how many American want to work for 13 hours a day, six days a week, and get paid $1200 a month? when those people saying that we immigrant are stealing job, do you really think that you want to do that job? do you want to work at a chinese restorant 13 hours a day and will not get paid, the only sorce of income is the tips that you're giving. and some people still not giving any tips. how many american want to work at a farm? picking stawberries for $4 an hour? is this the kind of job that you want to do?

while we hard woking immigrant, didn't even complaint about that. so next time when you're having a bite of that delicious strawberries, i hope you think about the people that make it possible, people that you have called "MORON".

nativessayno on Jan 28, 2009 at 08:45:10 said:

Some statistics to consider within the context of Amnesty for 25M new arrivals.

-In California we have 9.3% unemployment.
-In 2008 our state lost 270,000 jobs.

Within this context we should prioritize millions of fraudulent foreign national workers? (BTW, how can there be 25M "jobs americans won't do"?) ...That is not a sincere or logical argument.

E-verify will strongly implement attrition and voluntary removal. Contact your representatives and uregently voice your strong support of the e-verify provisions in the current stimulus package that will be voted on very soon.

Jobs being granted to foreign workers is a benefit for our country how? An actual sign of strength is to take back control of our job market to insure vunerable citizen's cance to work not be "given" away to millions of non-legal persons that owe their main allegiances to another country and really want to pressure us for our jobs, remittances and welfare benefits!!

Gonzalez on Jan 28, 2009 at 05:22:47 said:

We are not asking for an amnesty. Just a presidential pardon. We admit our wrong doing and are not asking to forget it nor to create a chaos by example so you to can start avoiding to follow the rule of law. Worst cases presidents have pardoned before. And ours is not a crime, only a misdemeanor (sp). Help us help you rebuild the country. We can stand together and defeat the dark decade that past. Just think of the airline tickets can sell by letting 12 million or even 50% of these fly back and forth to our countries. Why wouldn't I upgrade my house if I can stay? Why wouldn't I take a caribean cruise or go to Alaska, Hawaii without fear?, or let my kids go to college happily pay for their tuition not afraid of them becoming a maid with a title like ourselves. We can pay the debt to the society with hard work and family values, but we can't go back out and look inside believing that getting in line is the only way, because it is not. We have been there, some 18 years in the waiting and nothing, some of them will stay there for life. Open your fist, extend your hand and let's work together for this American dream that we both love.

joseph_smith on Jan 27, 2009 at 20:16:41 said:

you too Howard. As they said, True hurt sometime, racist pick. Obama won, get over loser republican. Have you noticed that all the vitriolic headtakers lost. God is good; He does take care of the frail, needed.

howard on Jan 27, 2009 at 19:24:47 said:

The "amnesty" people are morons, they know not what they do. Years down the road they will think back and thank us, who stood up for the rule of law. It is not that they are stupid, they are ignorant and can be cured, there is no cure for stupity.

joseph_smith on Jan 27, 2009 at 15:58:16 said:

It is nice to know that racism Post Obama is alive and well. Josie, your name sound foreigner where are you from. Wonder what kind of crime a illegal had done to job. Did he rape you, stole your wallet, kill a member of your family. I beat “no”. To be illegal in the country is breaking the law as speeding your car. How many time has you break the law, BIG CRIMINAL. Sarcasm aside, why do Illegals want to come to a place where they are exploited, enslaved, marginalized, and oppressed? They want a better life for themselves. Ask your ancestor. You should be ashamed of your comments and hate towards these poor people who share many things in common with you. Your ancestors were illegal immigrants! No one invited them to America ask the Native-American's and the Spanish Conquistadores or the French-Canadians how many invitations went out to Europe and elsewhere inviting immigrants to the Americas. But they came, GREEDY FOR LAND AND MONEY they came. Thieves and murderers they came. Sick, poor, starving they came. Should we get rid of you or your parents - just because they're an ANCHOR BABY? If you can't understand what makes this nation great, why people trek miles of desert wasteland from Mexico or crossover from Canada or float on a boat from Cuba then you really don't deserve to be called an American from these Great United States. I imagine that you don't give your friend's kids food when they visit according to your view of justice. I'm sure you give your neighbor's kids food even if they don't visit. Well, how can the United States provide BILLIONS in Foreign Aid to many nations and not provide for foreigners on their own soil. How ignorant can you be the Horn of Plenty was shared by Native Americans and Pilgrims not just Native Americans. And as for your argument that illegal aliens crowd our costly jails and we must support them. Well how about legislating their release. They'll be instantly deported since they are illegal and guess what hopefully when you’re on vacation one of these wonderful sociopaths will be you and your family’s check-in clerk at a hotel or valet or maybe just walk on the same street as you! Free to do unto others as he has done Before! Hey racist are you keeping up. I know reading is difficult for you. How about getting a job for less than the minimum wage and see how much you can afford, a nice house, car, and three meals a day might just be difficult. Or try picking tomatoes and lettuce and see how far you get traveling state to state following harvests or would you rather a job in a 'sweatshop' or some housekeeping job where you look over your shoulder and slave over your work afraid that someone will call immigration. But, I'm sure you like many others put their heads on their comfortable down pillow and turn up the heat at night in their overpriced (oops sorry devalued) homes fearing someone will come and take you to a country you disown. When you mention the SUICIDE this country will face guess what -what about the suicide Wall Street executives (legal citizens albeit) have provoked. Thank God the stupid people didn't push through the Social Security Reform they wanted or else you would see retirees really committing suicide when their pensions and monthly checks tied to the stock market (what a genius our former Prez was) would disappear. When the stock market tanked that was the illegal immigrants fault???? During the economic boom there were the same amount of illegals here so what does that mean, dammed if they're here during good times and dammed if they're here during bad times. This just shows people your prejudice and hatefulness. Get therapy! If getting illegal immigrants out of the country would 'cure' us of all that ails this country then maybe your arguments would make sense but none do. There will always be illegal immigrants as long as we keep our borders closed. If we allowed anyone to become a citizen and just get their visa to come here as we do to some other (Anglo origin/European countries) maybe you wouldn' t be so angry because there is always someone trying to take candy away from a kid. YOU! Note: 98% of this written was taking from another article Replying to Delawarebob, who is another racist like Nezzie, Josie, Susan R, and Ed Weirdness.

emtz on Jan 27, 2009 at 15:20:58 said:

Susan R. how would you like it if someone called your kids anchor babies. And for that there are alot of Americans that don't work and they or on welfare and maybe one day u might need it. U R so racial, god help u. American is land of the free and anyone can come here. What if they sent you somewhere else? Ed there are alot of American people who are hurting the world as well, not just illegal people. God help u also.

emtz on Jan 27, 2009 at 15:13:56 said:

Josie u are full of it. How do you think removing all the illegal people is going to create more jobs. Most of the jobs that they do other people want do. I like to see you get on a hot roof and lay shingles and in the cold too. Or are you going to pick fruit?
So unless u and all the other racial people in world are going to fill jobs like this. Just don't say anything, unless its helpful.
And like you have never done anything illegal to help your family.

emtz on Jan 27, 2009 at 15:08:33 said:

How dare some of you out there say some of the things you say about people here. What if that were your family? And what is an anchor baby? Well maybe you have one? I am for everyone and I am a US citizen and the people here need immigration reform, whether people who are racial like it or not, if you don't like looking at all the other people in the world put a big bag on your racial face.

Tina Brown on Jan 27, 2009 at 14:37:13 said:

Why is it that illegal immigrants are always looked as animals,alot of them are highly educated. Your ancestors just came a little before them. You, guys don't say anything when they are paying taxes that they can never claim. You are so quick to claim that America is a God fearing country, then if you are forget,give someone the chance to redeem themselves. Stop spreading xenophobic statements . Alot of illegals are from other parts of the world,and they are not carrying diseases.

Josie on Jan 27, 2009 at 13:58:45 said:

What would happen if all ILLEGAL ALIENS were removed? INSTANT JOB CREATION for all U.S. AMERICAN CITIZENS. Every time ICE does a work site raid and removes ILLEGAL ALIENS from a business, they not ONLY ENFORCE OUR LAWS, but they CREATE JOBS for U.S. AMERICAN CITIZENS. Every job, an ILLEGAL ALIEN has, is a job, an U.S. American citizen, should have.

What would happen if all ILLEGAL ALIENS were removed from our homeland, the U.S.? The RULE OF LAW would be followed, EQUALLY ACROSS THE BOARD. Right now, we have approximately 20,000,000 ILLEGAL ALIENS, being given SPECIAL TREATMENT over our U.S. AMERICAN CITIZENS. ILLEGAL ALIENS break our laws and then demand, that ICE not arrest them or DEPORT THEM and punish them, like we do our own citizens.

Where do ILLEGAL ALIENS get off, thinking they can ENTER OUR COUNTRY, WITHOUT INSPECTION and not be punished? That punishment is DEPORTATION. How dare ILLEGAL ALIENS come into our country, WITHOUT OUR PERMISSION, insulting us, by breaking our laws.

We owe ILLEGAL ALIENS nothing. They are not the victims. They are the perpetrators of this crime, of ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. We are the victims, of THEIR CRIMES.

U.S. citizens, EVERYTHING. Illegal aliens, NOTHING, except, DEPORTATION.

Susan R on Jan 27, 2009 at 13:36:20 said:

I should not be forced to pay the welfare cost of illegals,let alone endure the crime and disease they bring with them.


Ed Weirdness on Jan 27, 2009 at 13:26:08 said:

Overpopulation, congestion, urban sprawl, diminishing resources, crumbling infrastructure, vanishing farm land and green space, lack of affordable housing, overcrowded schools and emergency rooms, crime, pollution, depressed wages, increased tax burdens, the balkanization of our communities, the marginalization of American workers, taxpayers and voters, the overall decline in quality of life, are all the result of unconstrained immigration. Too many people competing fro the same limited resources is NOT sound economic, environmental or social policy! Overwhelmingly, America's citizens support securing our borders and enforcing our immigration laws. It was we, the people who shouted down the egregious McCain/Kennedy Comprehensive Immigration Reform legislation, and if necessary, it will be we, the people, who will take it to the streets. Virtually every industrialized nation, China, Mexico, Great Britain, the European Union, has adopted a zero tolerance policy for illegal aliens. These same nations have likewise adopted policies aimed at curtailing legal immigration to only that which is prudent, demonstrably necessary, and above all other concerns, in the best interests of their natives populations. It's dangerously misguided to suggest that the United States not do likewise. Fresh air, clean water, and wide open spaces, they aren't making any more of any of these things! Unconstrained immigration is a very real threat to our economy, our environment, and our democracy!

MdeG on Jan 27, 2009 at 12:51:00 said:

Nezzie, you don't speak for me either. I'm from here -- many generations -- but have always had relatives abroad. Some are in the legal immigration system right now. It's a mess, and it *does* need to be reform -- urgently and radically.

I've spent part of my life in Mexico, and I don't like hearing my other country's name used as if it were a dirty word. It isn't. I love the place in many ways, but I also understand why people need to leave. And by no means everyone who's here without documents is from Mexico, either! Your comment dumbs down a really complex situation.

What do you think will happen if "these people" go home? Do you realize that they are real people with real lives, that the places they come from -- and their dependents there, in many cases -- are also real? Do you understand that many of those you decry as undocumented would, in a fair and just system, be received here as refugees? Do you understand that there would be grave consequences to your proposal for mass deportations? Do you care about your fellow human beings?

Me, I believe in Jubilee. LO says it: Document the people now.

LO on Jan 27, 2009 at 10:28:44 said:

Hey Nezzie. I am an American and i want immigration reform. I do not want them removed. DO NOT SPEAK FOR ME. Document the undocumented NOW!!

LO on Jan 27, 2009 at 10:27:39 said:

Hey Nezzie. I am an American and i want immigration reform. I do not want them removed. DO NOT SPEAK FOR ME. Document the undocumented NOW!!

Nezzie on Jan 27, 2009 at 09:51:41 said:

The American people want all illegal immigrants and the anchor babies they have born to be removed from our country. We do not want "immigration reform" we want immigration enforcement and that includes a path to Mexico as soon as possible. We do not want to participate in illegal immigrants trying to turn our country into Mexico II.

The polls that are taken are from the liberal main stream media, not the average American citizen. If the MSM would show just what is really going on with illegal immigrants, i.e., schools, healthcare, welfare etc., and how the states are wasting our tax dollars and not giving these services to American citizens they would be outraged. The only thing that the President is going to get is a backlash from the very citizens (American) that voted for him. We said no once, and we still mean no amnesty, no reform, enforce our laws, these people need to go home. This is unforunate.

McMorty on Jan 27, 2009 at 08:20:45 said:

E-Verify is "how we regain control, create an even playing field for all workers in the economy, and ensure that workers and employers who play by the rules will be rewarded rather than undercut." Yes, it's that simple.

Usauy on Jan 27, 2009 at 07:18:22 said:

great article!




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