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American Muslims Plan Future Political Success, Defend Obama

NAM/The Final Call, News Report , Ashahed M. Muhammad Posted: Aug 28, 2008

Despite feelings by members of the Muslim American community that they have been ignored during this presidential election, an organization comprised of politically active Muslims came together to show support for Sen. Obama. Ashahed M. Muhammad and nine other NAM-sponsored ethnic-media journalists are blogging and reporting on the DNC for electorates of color across the country.

DENVERDespite feelings by members of the Muslim American community that they have been ignored during this presidential election, an organization comprised of politically active Muslims came together to show support for the presidential campaign of Sen. Obama and to honor Muslim delegates attending the convention.

Organizers for the luncheon gala sponsored by the American Muslim Democratic Caucus (AMDC) said the goal was to recognize those who have worked hard as advocates to ensure that the voice of American Muslims is included in the political discourse of this country, and that their rights are protected. They also believe that Sen. Obama and the Democrats have been unfairly targeted for intense scrutiny and criticism.

Ashahed M. Muhammad interviews Rep. Keith Ellison
(D-MN) at the American Muslim Democratic Caucus luncheon at the 2008
Democratic National Convention in Denver, CO.

Nobody is asking what is happening in the Republican Party, why McCain did not invite Muslims or why there are no Muslims in his cabinet, why he has not visited a mosque, said Sarwat Husain, a Pakistani Muslim and a primary organizer of the event. She also said Muslims should be looked at as a gift and an asset to American society.

You are an important part of the Democratic family, said Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick addressing approximately 200 supporters at Denvers Sheraton Hotel.

I think there are occasions where you have acutely felt that our national party was not as open as you wanted it to be. You are a part of this party and we are a part of you. We are stronger as a party and a nation when we make room, Gov. Patrick added.

Before he began his remarks, Gov. Patrick spoke to the crowd in Arabic that he learned during a time when the Chicago native lived for 3 years in Darfur, Sudan. He said Sen. Obama is the unifying agent needed to reconnect the party with this important ethnic group.

Continuing his words of healing, Gov. Patrick said, We have a once in a generation nominee in Barack Obama who can help us find our way back to each other in common cause.

Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) who became the first Muslim Congressman also made history by swearing in on a copy of the Holy Quran. Ellison said the Democratic Party is the best choice for those who are interested in living in an increasingly diverse world.

The Democratic Party embodies the best interest of the American people and they should support the values that underlie that, said Rep. Ellison.

Rep. Ellison also said he does not believe that a majority of Americans are biased against Muslims holding leadership positions including political offices.

I think the idea that Americans are bigoted and will not tolerate Muslim leadership is not true, and we should simply start setting the record straight, said Rep. Ellison adding that the best way to accomplish that is to become involved in the community and serve the needs of those who desire help. Nothing you say is going to be as important as what you do, he added.

Alluding to the Right wing led campaign of misinformation which among other things is responsible for the continued rumors that Sen. Obama is a Muslim, Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-TX) said that the war is not over just because the Democratic presidential nomination is now officially his.

There is much more dirt to come before November and many reasons will be used instead of racism, she said.

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