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Women Top Green Party Presidential Ticket

Final Call, News Report, Ashahed M. Muhammad Posted: Aug 07, 2008

CHICAGO (FinalCall.com) - There is still a woman with an active campaign to become the first female president of the United States, and her last name is not Clinton. She is Cynthia McKinney and on July 12 she was officially named the presidential nominee for the Green Party of the United States at their convention recently held in Chicago.

This is the first presidential run for Ms. McKinney, a former member Congress from Georgia who previously served six terms representing DeKalb Countys 4th Congressional District. Ms. McKinney believes that the best way to effectively deal with quality of life disparities in health, economics, and social conditions between Blacks and Whites is by influencing public policy.

Our responsibility is to seek out a solution so that we can influence those collective decision makers, so that we can become those elected decision makers so that we can have power over public policy with the stroke of a pen, Ms. McKinney told The Final Call.

In an historic and unprecedented move, Ms. McKinney selected 36-year-old journalist, community organizer and activist Rosa Clemente as her vice-presidential running mate making it the first all-female presidential ticket in history.

Ms. Clemente is well known in activist circles as a result of over a decade of outspoken advocacy. The South Bronx native said she was surprised to be asked to join the ticket but she is ready for the challenge and the opportunity to represent the politically active Hip Hop nation.

I was honored but overwhelmed, Ms. Clemente told The Final Call. When she called me, I thought she wanted me to consult on the campaign, not be her VP, not saying that I am not ready. I wasnt overwhelmed with the task. This is a historical moment for the hip hop generation and its not an ego thing, its just the truth and that means a lot.

Ms. Clemente said Ms. McKinneys candidacy represents many people not typically approached by political pollsters including the average brothers and sisters on the street, the real working class, the real people that work two jobs and still fall under the poverty line.

Many Green Party members said the Republicans and Democrats who got the country into this mess in the first place are bereft of new ideas and do not have solutions to get the country out of its economic and political morass.

While McKinney and Clemente deny attempting to play the political spoiler in the national presidential election, some analysts say whatever votes they receive will be votes from those who would have probably cast votes for Sen. Barack Obama.

Political analyst and radio talk show host Farai Chideya told The Final Call that she is glad that there are more voices being added to the political discourse in America.

Im a huge fan of political diversity. Whether or not they get a lot of votes, American democracy should have a lot of depth, said Ms. Chideya, adding that it will be interesting to see the reaction of the die hard civil rights generation Democrats to the McKinney/Clemente Green Party candidacy.

Ms. McKinney also believes that her candidacy is proof that the Green Party cannot be placed in a box and is open and accessible to all. She is also aiming to expand the reach of the Green Party beyond its traditional base with the goal of obtaining five percent of the national vote, which would propel the Green Party to major political party status.

It is in the interest of the other two major parties to put the Green Party in a box and say they are only interested in the environment, but the Green Party has taken a stand for reparations and for descendants of the enslaved in this country. They have taken a stand against police brutality and racial profiling. They have acknowledged the fact that this country was built on genocide of the indigenous people in this country. So the Green Party is also a justice party, a peace party, a democracy party. Of course it is a party for respect for this planet that gives us life but that is not all that this party is.

Her vice-presidential running mate agreed.

I keep saying the Green Party is not an alternative, its now the imperative for our survival. I really believe that, said Ms. Clemente.

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