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In Celebration of the Karaoke, Vietnamese Style

New America Media, Commentary, Andrew Lam Sep 23, 2014

Below is an excerpt from Andrew Lam's book, East Eats West: Writing in Two Hemispheres, published in 2010. Sadness and joy and yearnings and stories of broken hearts all found expression through this interactive entertainment contraption, For many Vietnamese it's a godsend.

Robin Williams - A Genius Who Named Everything, Except His Own Depression

New America Media, Commentary, Andrew Lam Aug 14, 2014

Robin Williams once joked that death is “nature’s way to let you know that your table is ready.” It’s not funny now that the comedian overrode nature by grabbing the table without waiting for the maître d’. But if his suicide has any silver lining, it’s that depression and mental illness are now being talked about more openly.

Finding My Voice, Seeing a Future

New America Media, Speech TEDX, Andrew Lam Jul 28, 2014

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Andrew Lam describes the struggles he faced and how they've led to new opportunities. Through the crises he encountered as a child refugee, Lam found the root of his emptiness, and now uses his words to help those who face the same problems he once conquered.

How Andrew Lam Became a Writer

New America Media, Jul 16, 2014

In my struggle to overcome grief and confusion, I found my self. And when I spoke up for those that couldn’t, I found my tongue. And when I told stories of those oppressed and suffering in obscurity, I found my voice, and my direction in life.

The Palmist: A Short Story from Birds of Paradise Lost

Redhen Press, Short Story, Andrew Lam Apr 02, 2014

The Palmist is a short story collected in Andrew Lam's latest book, Birds of Paradise Lost. It was published in March of 2013 and won a Pen/Josephine Miles Literary Award and is currently a finalist for First Fiction of the California Book Award 2014. It was read on Selected Shorts by Tony-winner James Naughton, and by the author himself on American Public Media,

Lost (And Found) In Translation: Three Authors Find Their Place Through Literature

KGOU, Interview, SUZETTE GRILLOT Mar 06, 2014

Growing up, author Andrew Lam struggled to make sense of his Vietnamese identity at home and his American identity at school.

Andrew Lam reading "Show & Tell" from his book, "Birds of Paradise Lost"

New America Media, Short story, Andrew Lam Feb 21, 2014

Author Andrew Lam reads from his book, Birds of Paradise Lost."

The ‘Bamboo Ceiling’: Hollywood Shuns Asians, While New Media Embraces Them

New America Media, Commentary, Andrew Lam Jan 26, 2014

In a recent New Yorker cartoon, a dog is shown lounging by a pool and saying to a pup: “Youtube’s one thing, but cats will never make it on the big screen.” A funny commentary, surely, but in America that statement could just as easily be applied to ethnic minorities, especially Asian Americans.

A Nostalgic America, Haunted By Ghosts

New America Media, Commentary, Andrew Lam Oct 30, 2013

But the bright and shiny ghost-less land that Mr. Fei saw in World War II-era America is long gone. The America that believed in technology as a solution to all things, that believed in upward mobility as the norm, that saw itself as defender of the world from evil, has become almost a century later a landscape where ghosts comfortably dwell.

Pan Asia: The Cultural Sphere Expands

New America Media, Commentary, Andrew Lam Oct 11, 2013

Nichkhun is a Pan Asian star, a citizen of an increasingly borderless cultural sphere with Seoul more or less at its center.

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