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Birds of Paradise Lost now available on Kindle

Red Hen Press, Short stories, Andrew Lam Aug 12, 2013

The thirteen stories in Birds of Paradise Lost shimmer with humor and pathos as they chronicle the anguish and joy and bravery of Americas newest Americans, the troubled lives of those who fled Vietnam and remade themselves in the San Francisco Bay Area. The pastmemories of war and its aftermath, of murder, arrest, re-education camps and new economic zones, of escape and shipwreck and atrocityis ever present in these wise and compassionate stories. It plays itself out in surprising ways in the lives of people who thought they had moved beyond the nightmares of war and exodus. It comes back on TV in the form of a confession from a cannibal; it enters the Vietnamese restaurant as a Vietnam Vet with a shameful secret; it articulates itself in the peculiar tics of a man with Tourettes Syndrome who struggles to deal with a profound tragedy. Birds of Paradise Lost is an emotional tour de force, intricately rendering the false starts and revelations in the struggle for integration, and in so doing, the human heart.

As Government Talks Reform, Activists Push to Halt Deportations

Jan 29, 2013

 PHOENIX – José Garcia, an 11-year-old U.S. citizen, pleaded on camera Monday for President Barack Obama to stop the imminent deportation of his father, Edi Armas, a Guatemalan national.“ICE come, they took my dad and put him in the car....

Homeless Black Youth Largely Invisible to Service Providers

Jan 03, 2013

SACRAMENTO – A recent report comparing the experiences of Caucasian and African American homeless youth describes stark differences between how those two groups seek and access support services, including the key finding that African American youth are less likely to...

Homeowners Still Waiting on Billions in Foreclosure Relief

Nov 21, 2012

photo caption: Fontana, Calif. resident Pretti Hilton's home is set to be auctioned.Thanks to a federal program, homeowner Pretti Hilton could be getting just what she needs to resolve her longstanding foreclosure case: a referee.Under the Independent Foreclosure Review program,...

Missing Out: Political Ads, Spanish-Language TV and the Latino Vote

Nov 05, 2012

Latino voters will play a critical role in the 2012 presidential race. An estimated 12 million Latinos will cast ballots this November, making up a significant portion of the electorate in swing states like Colorado, Florida and Nevada. One might...

Salman Rushdie to Sam Bacile: The Age of Outrage-ism

Sep 20, 2012

A mysterious man in California hires a soft porn director and tricks some low-rent actors into making a trashy movie about the Prophet Muhammad.Now an Iranian foundation ups the price on Salman Rushdie's head saying that if he had been...

PA Supreme Court Returns ID Law to Lower Court

Sep 19, 2012

In a relatively speedy finding, Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court announced on Tuesday that it is sending the decision on the state’s controversial photo-ID law back to the lower court for a decision.The Supreme Court, which had only concluded its hearings on...

Wisconsin Latinos Will Carry On Fight for Workers, Immigrants

Jun 06, 2012

It seems like only yesterday that hundreds of thousands gathered en-masse at the Wisconsin state capitol to oppose recently re-elected Wisconsin governor Scott Walker’s controversial assault on the right of public workers to collectively bargain. Community organizations off all stripes...

Teachers Do More with Less But Learning Losses Inevitable

Dec 18, 2011

SAN FRANCISCO - Jenny Trac runs the newcomer program at Visitacion Valley Middle School. Even though she is fluent in five languages and has 10 years of teaching experience, Trac worries that she could soon join the ranks of teachers...

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