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Amnesty slams Jamaica over delayed report on Tivoli hunt for Dudus

Jan 22, 2013

 Amnesty International has described as “outrageous” the ongoing delays in the presentation of a report into the deadly 2010 law enforcement operation in Tivoli Gardens, aimed at arresting suspected gang leader Christopher “Dudus” Coke.Public Defender Earl Witter failed to meet...

Pink Ribbons to Haiti

Joanne Silberner, PRI's The World Dec 26, 2012

In Haiti, women rarely seek medical help for cancer until it's too late. This story is part of a special series, Cancerís New Battleground ó the Developing World.

Haiti’s Homeless Fight Back

Oct 18, 2012

Photo courtesy of PRI's The WorldWhen the earthquake hit Haiti in January 2010, many in the impoverished country lost what little they had.Nearly three years later, about 400,000 remain homeless. Many are still living in tent camps. And they’re at...

Ecologists Protest Slaughter of Birds That Can Fly Through Hurricanes

Aug 26, 2012

  Photo: Whimbrels, like the one  shown above, are large shorebirds that can brave their way through hurricanes, only to fall prey to hunters. WASHINGTON, D.C.--As hurricane season gets under way and Tropical Storm Isaac bears down on the Caribbean and...

First Havana-Miami Cargo Service Marks Sea Change for Cuba Past and Future

Jul 16, 2012

  Photo: Last week, the Bolivian ship, Ana Cecelia, the “Peace Boat,” set sail with the first regular cargo service between Miami and Havana in a half-century, marking new era. MIAMI, Fla.—When the Bolivian merchant ship, the Ana Cecelia, docked...

Puerto Rican Migration Continues at Record Pace

Jan 18, 2012

Puerto Rico residents continued their exodus from the island over the past year during tough economic times, with the local population shrinking by 19,099 residents, or 0.51 percent, the biggest percentage loss by far of any U.S. jurisdiction, according to...

People's Party wins in Jamaican Election

Jan 04, 2012

Portmore, Jamaica - Another four years was needed to make it happen, but “woman time” has arrived in this Caribbean nation.Portia Simpson Miller last week led the opposition party to victory in Jamaica’s election, positioning her to serve as prime...

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