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Deadline Approaches for Homeowners Seeking Foreclosure Reviews

Nov 29, 2012

Well over 4 million homeowners affected by the foreclosure crisis are eligible for an independent review of their cases – but only a small percentage of them have requested one through a recently available federal program, and the deadline to...

Homeowner Wins Twice Against Freddie Mac

Nov 25, 2012

The nation’s largest mortgage company may finally be bending to public pressure. A St. Paul homeowner has scored a pair of victories against Freddie Mac that have allowed her to stay in her foreclosed home, but only after being...

Manifestantes realizan una vigilia para madre deportada de Los Angeles

Mar 09, 2012

English translationLos Ángeles, Cal.- Al borde del llanto, Gerardo Quiñonez, dijo no saber que futuro le depara ante la perdida no solo de su vivienda sino también de su esposa Blanca Cárdenas deportada recientemente a México por la Oficina de...

Kamala Harris Wins $18 Billion for CA in Foreclosure Deal

Feb 09, 2012

SAN FRANCISCO -- California Attorney General Kamala Harris today announced she had secured $18 billion to help the state’s foreclosure victims, as part of a national multi-state settlement with the nation’sfive biggest banks.As part of the settlement -- more than...

News > Foreclosures > 2 > 3 > 4 > 5