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Viral Video Reflects Modern Life in Asia Viral Video Reflects Modern Life in Asia

New America Media, Andrew Lam Nov 17, 2014

The video is unsettling: A Vietnamese tourist on his knees begging a Chinese storeowner in Singapore for his money back after trying to purchase an iPhone 6. Within minutes the video goes viral, capturing headlines across Asia.

Dear E-Scammer: Yes, Send Me Your Money

New America Media, Commentary, Andrew Lam Nov 22, 2013

When someone claiming to belong to royalty pitches you over the Internet and wants access to your bank account so they can dump illicit money into it, how should you respond? Well, here's mine, a bit tongue in cheek as an exile prince from the one-time kingdom of An Nam, offering his humble answer

Threat from Space is Real, But Man Stands Better Chance Than the Dinosaurs

New America Media, News analysis, Andrew Lam Feb 17, 2013

The threats of meteorites hitting the earth are just the latest reminder that the destiny of human kind is in outer space.

Vietnam and the Cell Phone Revolution

New America Media, Commentary, Andrew Lam Jan 15, 2013

For years Vietnam has been a major producer and exporter of cheap cell phones. In 2010, it reportedly exported $2.3 billion worth of phone sets. Two years later, that figure jumped dramatically to $8.63 billion, up 122 percent from a year earlier.

U.S. Court Hears Final Samsung Arguments

Dec 07, 2012

Samsung Electronics may see a trimming of the $1.05 billion in damages ordered by a U.S. jury in August for infringing Apple patents.On Thursday, U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh started hearings to come to a final judgement in the case...

Did Steve Jobs Dupe Us All?

Aug 26, 2012

Set aside all the hanky panky about the U.S. jury’s $1.05 bil. verdict in favor of Apple over Samsung Electronics in their patent dispute.The real issue is whether the framework of the century-old patent laws, which served as the basis...

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