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Andrew Lam's Birds of Paradise Lost: Immigrants Experience and Literature

WBAI, Andrew Lam May 01, 2013

A widow whose husbands killer becomes a customer in her restaurant, a man who discovers he can dial his old house in Vietnam simply by picking up the phone, and a father raising his young daughter alone in a California housing project after his wife dies on the boat crossing. The characters in Andrew Lams new book of short stories, Birds of Paradise Lost (Red Hen Press), may have left Vietnam behind, but they are unable to escape the trauma that accompanied their departure. APFs Leyla Mei sat down with the author to talk about nostalgia and memory, hatred and forgiveness, and sadness and loss. Andrew Lam is a journalist and writer. He is an editor and cofounder of New American Media and blogs regularly at Huffington Post. His book Perfume Dreams: Reflections on the Vietnamese Diaspora won the 2006 PEN Open Book Award.

Mẹ Việt Nam ơi chng con vẫn cn đy.

Cairo Review, Andrew Lam Apr 28, 2013

Lời bi ht đầy tnh cảm ny thỉnh thoảng trở về trong ti, đặc biệt l khi ti nghĩ về Cộng đồng Việt Nam hải ngoại v mối quan hệ phức tạp của họ với qu nh.

What's in A Name? A Vietnamese Immigrant's Perspective

New America Media, Commentary, Andrew Lam Apr 16, 2013

Many immigrants change names when they come to the US but some don't. Andrew Lam thinks it's a good mental challenge to keep many names and manage them.

Andrew Lam's Birds of Paradise Lost: Immigrants Experience and Literature

ChicoSol, Review, Lindajoy Fenley Apr 09, 2013

Sometimes I wondered what was ahead for Lam's Vietnamese immigrants. More frequently, I was intrigued by their past, though I rarely knew which direction to look. Skillfully, the author led me to an understanding of his complex characters by slowly revealing their secret struggles and histories. In each story, he foreshadows the conclusion by peeling back history in carefully measured bits.

Andrew Lam: Language, Memory, Bliss

New America Media, Q&A, Karin Davidson Apr 08, 2013

Andrew Lam at San Jose State University March 20, @noon to introduce 'Birds of Paradise Lost'

New America Media, Reading from book, Birds of Paradise Lost, Andrew Lam Mar 12, 2013

The thirteen stories in Birds of Paradise Lost shimmer with humor and pathos as they chronicle the anguish and joy and bravery of Americas newest Americans, the troubled lives of those who fled Vietnam and remade themselves in the San Francisco Bay Area. The pastmemories of war and its aftermath, of murder, arrest, re-education camps and new economic zones, of escape and shipwreck and atrocityis ever present in these wise and compassionate stories. It plays itself out in surprising ways in the lives of people who thought they had moved beyond the nightmares of war and exodus. It comes back on TV in the form of a confession from a cannibal; it enters the Vietnamese restaurant as a Vietnam Vet with a shameful secret; it articulates itself in the peculiar tics of a man with Tourettes Syndrome who struggles to deal with a profound tragedy. Birds of Paradise Lost is an emotional tour de force, intricately rendering the false starts and revelations in the struggle for integration, and in so doing, the human heart.

Nh?ng Cu Chuy?n Di Dn s? Thu?c V? X? M? -- Ni Chuy?n v?i nh v?n Andrew Lm

Mar 06, 2013

Andrew Lâm, tác gi? c?a cu?n h?i ký "Perfume Dreams: Nh?ng Ph?n Ánh V? Ng??i Vi?t H?i Ngo?i," và biên t?p viên thu?c h?ng New America Media m?t th?i gian dài hai m??i n?m, ?ã làm nên tên tu?i...

Immigration Stories: Andrew Lam's Birds of Paradise Lost

Huffington Post, Blog/Review, Nina Sankovitch Mar 06, 2013

Andrew Lam's Birds of Paradise Lost captures the universal immigrant experience -- where versions of paradise are both lost and gained -- through the very particular experience of the refugees who fled Vietnam during the Fall of Saigon in 1975.

Wade's Reviews: 'Birds of Paradise Lost' by Andrew Lam

Goodreads, Wade Mar 04, 2013

ndrew Lam, one of my favorite writers, has often demonstrated his journalist's ability to see the broad themes in the most particular of situations.

Remembering A Broken Romance on Valentine's Day

New America Media, Memoir, Andrew Lam Feb 14, 2013

Remembering A Broken Romance on Valentine's Day: Andrew Lam, author of the new book, Birds of Paradise Lost, remembers his break up

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