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As SB 1070 Heads to Court, a Father’s Case Reveals the Larger Problem

Apr 24, 2012

A New York father faces deportation to Argentina, likely because he went into diabetic shock and had the poor luck to be met by police officers who arrested him, instead of sought aid for him. His case is shining a...

The New Rodney King: Abuse on the Border

Apr 23, 2012

The 2010 video of a man lying down while Border Patrol agents Taser him is "horrifyingly similar" the video of the beating of Rodney King, according to an editorial in La Opinión. The fatal beating of Anastasio Hernández Rojas, a...

When Did Immigrants Become the Enemy?

New America Media, Article, Andrew Lam Apr 22, 2012

Study: Impact of Undocumented Workers on Wages ‘Negligible’

Apr 12, 2012

Hiring undocumented workers has a ‘negligible’ impact on the wages of documented workers in the same firm, a recent study by the Atlanta Federal Reserve found.The report found that overall, the wages of documented workers decreased by 0.15 percent —...

ICE Slow to Embrace Alternatives to Immigrant Detention

Apr 10, 2012

The recently unveiled immigrant detention center in Karnes City, Texas hardly looks like a prison at all.By most accounts, the Karnes County Civil Detention Center is an improvement over a sprawling U.S. immigrant-detention network, plagued by often horrific conditions and...

Miss. Business Sector Key to Defeat of Anti-Immigrant Bill

Apr 09, 2012

The state of Mississippi has a dark history when it comes to discrimination and racial segregation, like many other southern states. Yet, unlike its neighbors, an anti-immigrant state law was blocked there. And this is good news.The secret to this...

Human Dignity is Not a Joke

Apr 06, 2012

Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee Lamar Smith (R-Texas) presided over a hearing called “Holiday on ICE” to mock the Obama administration’s plans to improve immigration detention conditions. Smith referred to the minimum standards set earlier this year for medical...

DHS Releases Two Reports on Secure Communities

Apr 06, 2012

WASHINGTON — The Department of Homeland Security's Office of the Inspector-General today released two reports regarding the Secure Communities federal immigration enforcement program.Under Secure Communities, police share the fingerprints of all arrestees with federal immigration authorities. Implemented in 2008, the...

Tucson Citizen Shuts Down Popular Latino Blogger

Apr 05, 2012

The online Tucson news site TucsonCitizen.com recently canceled its popular Latino blog The Three Sonorans. Three Sonorans blogger David “Abie” Morales recently criticized state Rep. Daniel Patterson, who is the subject of a House ethics investigation into allegations that he...

Amnesty International: US Immigration Policy Violates Human Rights

Apr 04, 2012

Amnesty International's new report, "In Hostile Terrain: Human rights violations in immigration enforcement in the U.S. Southwest," examines the human rights violations associated with immigration enforcement at the border and in the interior of the United States. The report finds...

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