About NAM Polls

NAM (formerly NCM) launched its multilingual polling initiative in 2002 to gauge the views of non-English speaking and ethnic minority populations normally excluded from mainstream public opinion surveys.

The results of its first poll—conducted in 12 languages with 2000 interviewees—revealed the role of ethnic media as a primary news and information source for California’s 17 million ethnic residents. Subsequent polls conducted by NAM and its partners, on topics ranging from the War in Iraq to language barriers in health care, have been covered by major media outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, New York Times and Washington Post, in addition to being broadly disseminated through NAM’s ethnic media network.

NAM’s multilingual polls have predicted voter tendencies (National Poll of APIA Voters) and helped shape public policy (Latino Reactions to Bush’s Immigration Policy).

Through its quarterly multilingual polling initiative, NAM is driving home the point that to track public opinion in the United States without accessing immigrant, ethnic and non-English speaking communities is to discount the voice of a large segment of the population. In states like California where minority populations have become the new majority, accessing these opinions is more vital than ever.

NAM polls are conducted by nationally recognized pollster Sergio Bendixen of Bendixen & Associates, headquartered in Miami, Florida, whose clients include Spanish language Univision, Telemundo and CNN.

Since April 2002, NAM has conducted more than a dozen multilingual polls, partnering on several with USC Annenberg’s Institute for Justice and Journalism, the Pew Hispanic Center, the Tomas Rivera Policy Institute and—most recently—with Amnesty International. The Chinese American Voter Education Committee (CAVEC) is also a longtime partner.