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Keep your site's visitors up to date on what's making news in the "New America" with headlines from ethnic media across the country. With a single line of HTML code on your website, you can give your viewers access to stories missed by mainstream media, translated directly from the ethnic press.

  • What are Arab media reporting on U.S. actions in the Middle East?
  • What are Spanish-language newspapers saying about the candidates in the upcoming U.S. elections?
  • Give your site’s visitors a bridge to breaking stories translated directly from Chinese, Hispanic, Arabic, and other ethnic media across the country.

Put daily NCM headlines on your site!

  • Automatically updated daily - Keep your visitors coming back for fresh content.
  • Easy to install - Cut and paste the code where you want news headlines to appear, similar to the right column on this page.
  • No maintenance - Once the code is installed on your Web page, the latest NCM headlines are automatically streamed from our database.
  • No ads embedded in code
  • Click here to see a sample of what the NCM News Feed looks like when installed on another site.

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