Caged: Manila's Invisible Children
Photography by Rick Rocamora

They jail children, don't they? In smelly cells in police stations, youth rehabilitation centers and mental hospital. They tie them up, chain them to beds, lock them up in filthy rooms.

Rowena, 14 Years Old
Manila Youth Rehabilitation Center

Street Clean-Up Before Clinton Visit
Manila Youth Rehabilitation Center

Children are put behind bars supposedly for their protection. But once there, their world is not much kinder than it was in the streets or slums. Food is scarce and stale. The cops are mean and the quarters, cramped and squalid. Policemen and wardens beat up little boys hauled from the streets, while young girls are molested.

Mental Hospital, Manila

3AM Plaza Miranda Police Station

Photographer Rick Rocamora has been documenting Manila's invisible children for many months as part of a long-term project. He spent time in police stations, rehabilitation centers, mental hospital and institution for mentally retarded children.

Reaching Out
Gaches Village, Metro Manila

Male Cell
Manila Youth Rehabilitation Center

  "Once children are in jail or behind bars, their world becomes cramped and small" he says. Without outside help and concern, these children would be permanently scared.

Please Help Me
Western Police District, Manila

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