The Prisoner
Art by Jason Treas

Jason Tréas, a former inmate at New Folsom Prison and the SHU (Security Housing Unit) at Pelican Bay State Prison, has inspired countless youth and adults to pick up the pencil through his writing and art. Recently paroled, Jason now works with The Beat Within.

The Prisoner

The Warrior

The Beat often serves us as a platform upon which to stand and express ourselves, to release some of all the pent up feelings, the passing ideas, beliefs and or uneducated opinions. Beat writers and artists all respect and appreciate the purpose it serves, which is in part allowing us all to discover our creativity, mentally escape our confines, and in some cases philosophically liberate our understanding of life and its many intricacies from the shackles of institutionalized prejudices, stereotypes and really backwards understandings of history and what we've been told is our place by people who are sitting fat by keeping us in that place.

The Prophecy
Frida Kahlo
Tierra y Libertad

It took a long time, and a lot of struggling with myself, but eventually I was able to turn my anger and frustration into a determined energy. More than a sense of solidarity with all of the captive brothers and sisters, I now feel a sense of obligation and responsibility in doing what I can to prevent others, the youth especially, from continuing their headlong flight into the system.

Past, Present & Future
The Future is Yours

To redeem ourselves in our own minds and hearts, to demonstrate a transformation from blind to conscious, indifferent to conscience guided, and selfish to selflessness, is not only possible, it is a necessity to our very survival and our drive to be both free and more fully human. Each one teach one. Until the last become first.

The Cry of Vieques
Viva la Independencia


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