NCM Gallery

video diary

of Ming Toy Davis Lee
Video Documentary by Corinna Pu

Ming Toy Davis Lee joined the Beat Within staff in August 2002, two months after her release from California Youth Authority, Ventura. Ming Toy’s prolific and elegant prose had been gracing the pages of the Beat for years.

As we awaited her arrival, we could only imagine the powerful impact this young woman’s presence would have on the Beat, our writing workshops, this office, this town.

Today, Ming Toy is an editor, writer and workshop facilitator who is regularly invited to address assemblies of young people across the country to share her life story.

This interview was conducted in November 2002. Since that time, Ming Toy celebrated her 25th birthday and also, the first year of her young adult life in which she is able to enjoy uninterrupted freedom.

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1 Half of my life has been spent in jail...(0:48, 2.6mb)

2 Family life...(1:34, 5mb)

3 Surviving the streets meant turf fighting...(1:24, 4.5mb)

4 What led up to me shooting those girls...(2:03, 6.6mb)

5 Sentenced to 22 years...(2:12, 7.1mb)

6 I saw my life going nowhere...(1:59, 6.3mb)

7 I had to learn to believe in myself...(1:14, 3.9mb)

8 Today - my job, the people I love...(1:27, 4.6mb)

9 Trying to make it this time...(1:16, 4mb)

10 My message...(0:34, 1.7mb)