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What are they saying about us?

Liam McGee, Bank of America

"Yes, it is a matter of survival to understand that if you run your business on the traditional model that's geared pretty exclusively to the Anglo population, you stand a pretty good chance of either not being in business or being much less successful in the upcoming years."
Liam McGee,
President, Bank of America

Robert K. Ross, The California Endowment

"NCM is an invaluable resource for reaching racial/ethnic groups throughout the state. The ability of NCM to disseminate health information is critical to improving the health of the underserved communities in California."
Robert K. Ross,
CEO, The California Endowment

Claudia Mendoza, PG&E

"NCM has all these newspapers, community newspapers, ethnic newspapers under one umbrella and it was through them that we could connect to all of them in one effort. I call NCM a one stop wonder. We had the ads in 7 or 8 different languages; they provided the translation; they provided the contact to the newspapers."
Claudia Mendoza,
Media Liaison, PG&E

Rob McKay, Proposition 52

"I was completely satisfied by the work that NCM did on behalf of Proposition 52. They were consistent in what they said they would deliver and they did it...doing things that no one could have done on behalf of the campaign."
Robert McKay,
Yes on Proposition 52