Governor Schwarzenegger's Personal Message

"Governor Schwarzenegger's Personal Message" is an exclusive column written by the Governor for NCM's ethnic media network. NCM launched this partnership to raise the visibility of ethnic media among the state's key elected officials and give the Governor the opportunity to communicate directly with his constituencies through ethnic media.

  • "NCM Meets with Schwarzenegger's Press Secretary" (press release)
  • "Governor Schwarzenegger Launches Exclusive Column for New California Media's 700-plus Ethnic News Partners" (press release)

Terms and Conditions

This monthly column is free and exclusive to NCM's ethnic media network. To run this column in your publication or for more information, contact Julie Johnson at or (415) 503-4170. By publishing the column you are agreeing to submit two (2) tearsheets to:

Fanny Duong
NCM InfoWire
New California Media
275 Ninth Street, 3rd Floor
San Francisco, CA 94103

To download the latest column, follow one of the below links:

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