Previous Awards Ceremonies

Since 1998, New America Media (formerly New California Media) has held ethnic media awards ceremonies to showcase the stories making the news in the new California and the people and media outlets that report them. In 2001, in a segment for PBS's News Hour with Jim Lehrer, Terence Smith called the NCM Awards the "ethnic Pulitzer's."

If NAM and its partners are successful in our national venture, there will be no need to have a separate event to honor the achievements of this remarkable segment of American journalism. Instead, the ethnic media will be considered an integral part of the new mainstream.

Winners and Winning Stories form the Final California Ethnic Media Awards Ceremony

Exceptional Communicators
Hardy Brown, Black Voice News Executive Editor
Rick Rodriguez, ASNE President and Executive Editor, Sacramento Bee
James Yee, Author and Chaplain

Lifetime Achievement Award
Lillian Howell, Founder, KTSF

Advocacy Voice
Winner: Vivian LeTran, Annie Han Nguyen, Julie Vo, Viet Weekly, "Lost in Translation - Election 2004: Special News Report”
Runner-up: Edgardo Quijano and Flavio Lacayo, Noticias Univision 14, “Noticias Univision Su Lado” (Noticias Univision Your Side)


Best Investigative/In-Depth (English)
Winner: Lisa Tsering, India West, “NRI Marriages: The Dark Side”
Runner-up: Lynda Lin, The Pacific Citizen,“The Price of Becoming American”

Best Investigative/In-Depth (In-Language)
Winner: Hiram Soto, Enlace, “¡Negociazo!” (Cars Bought by Undocumented Immigrants Are Big Business)
Runner-up: Kathleen Nguyen, Viet Tide Newspaper,“Abuse of Vietnamese Migrant Workers and Brides in Taiwan”

International Affairs (English)
Winner: Grace E. Jang, KoreAm Journal, “A Man with a Purpose”
Runner-up: Larry Derfner, Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles,“Unilateral Withdrawal”

International Affairs (In-Language)
Winner: : Benito Ortiz, Noticiero Semanal,“La Noche Triste de Tlatelolco” (The Sad Night of Tlatelolco)
Runner-up: Yeonhwa Nicole Chang, Korea Daily, “100th Anniversary of Korean Immigration to Mexico”
Runner-up: Jianhong Hu, Singtao Daily, “Will a Generation Gap Ruin a Marriage?”

Health Care
Winner: Yi-Fen Lan, Singtao Daily, “I Forgot Who I Am”
Runner-up: Grace E. Jang, KoreAm Journal, “The Match Game”

Arts Sports And Entertainment (English)
Winner: Sadanand Dhume, Little India, “Kircket! Reflections of an Overseas Indian Fan”
Runner-up: Bushra Rehman, ColorLines, “Our Little Secrets: A Pakistani Artist Explores the Shame And Pride of Her Community’s Bathroom Practices”

Arts Sports And Entertainment (In-Language)
Winner: Monica (Minzi) Xu, The World Journal, “Beautiful Purple Bamboos, Splendid Great Wall”
Runner-up: Sheldon Yuan, Chinese Times, “Shaolin Soft Kung Fu”

Commentary /Editorial Writing (English)
Winner: Ky-Phong Tran, Nguoi Viet “Who Will Remember?”
Runner-up: Ruth Messinger, The Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles, “Ethnic Cleansing in Sudan Is Still Genocide”

Commentary /Editorial Writing (In-Language)
Winner: Maria Luisa Arredondo-Pagaza, La Opinion “Los Motivos de Manuel Ortiz” (The Motives of Manuel Ortiz)
Runner-up: Liu Xiao Dong, The China Press, “The Power of Choice”

Jobs, Workplace Issues And The Economy
Winner: Lavina Melwanii, Little India,“Unhappy in America”
Runner-up: Grace E. Jang, KoreAm Journal, "The Storefront: Being a Korean liquor store owner in South Los Angeles”

Women’s Issues Winner: Corina Knoll, KoreAm Journal, “Motherhood: Being Single and a Mom in the Korean American Community”
Runner-up: Apollonia Jordan, The San Francisco Bayview, “Interviews with Tatiana Murray and Sanaa Lathan”
Runner-up: Cherie Querol-Moreno, Filipinas Magazine, ““Triumph Over Tragedy”

Best Youth Voice
Winner: Son Tran, Nha Magazine, “A Path Chosen”
Runner-up: Ragini Srinivasan, India Currents, “Rethinking the Veil”, “Towered Out”, “Sound Familiar?”

Winner: Aurelia Ventura, La Opinion, “Devotion – A Group of Women Pray at a Memorial for the Pope”
Runner-up: Chieko Hara , Noticiero Semanal“Young Boxers at the Tulare Athletic Boxing Club”

Inter-Ethnic Relations
Winner: Alex S. Fabros Jr. and Daniel P. Gonzales, Filipinas Magazine, “Filipinos- Forgotten Heroes of the UFW”
Runner-up: Caroline Aoyagi, Pacific Citizen, “Mexican Americans Seek to Right a Wrong”

Environment And Natural Resources
Winner: Nancy Lan-Hsin Kao, World Journal, “AXT's Lesson”
Runner-up: Soheila Taheri, Pezhvak of Persia, "Kill Me, But Make Me Look Pretty"

Religion And Spirituality
Winner: Julie Gruenbaum Fax, The Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles, "A Profile in Courage and Innovation”
Runner-up:Krishna Kumar, Mantram Magazine,“Queer Eye for God”


Best Community Talk Show
Winner: May Sheng Zhu, , Singtao Chinese Radio, “May’s Talk Show- Lien Chan, James Soong’s Mainland China Trip”
Runner-up: Isabel Eggert, Radio Campesina “Talk Show Mujer - Topic: Chemical in Cosmetics”

Best Investigative/In-Depth
Winner: Kwokshu Leung and Cecilia Im, KTSF 26, Middle East Feature
Runner-up: : Melissa Gonzalo, KGET 17,“Watching the Flock”