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About the NAM News Service

The NAM News Service reports on key issues and trends impacting ethnic, immigrant and youth audiences in the U.S. and on news and views from around the world.  Founded in 1996, the NAM News Service is informed by more than 30 years of journalism from the alternative news wire, Pacific New Service.

Ethnic media plays a crucial role in covering and keeping their communities informed on the issues relevant to 82 million ethnic Americans nationwide. Often their reach is confined to the local level, however.  The NAM News Service aims to bridge that communications gap by bringing national attention to the stories coming from the fastes growing sector of journalism.

The NAM News Service features stories from our ethnic media contributors, original content from NAM writers and youth content from our comprehensive youth media programs, all of which is available to our ethnic edia partners for syndication.*

Spotlight on ethnic media

We showcase the best of ethnic media through:

  • Selection of stories from the ethnic press for the NAM website and weekly editorial exchange newsletter
  • Headline summaries from ethnic media in print and audio on the NAM website and "Up Front" public radio show
  • National roundups surveying how ethnic media in America are covering stories differently than the mainstream
  • Global roundups surveying how media in Latin America, Asia, Europe and Africa view America and the world

NAM original reporting

Our news beats include:

  • Immigration Matters
  • School Reform
  • Health Care
  • Youth Voice
  • International Affairs
  • Energy & Environment
  • Crime & Justice
  • Financial Matters
  • Arts, Culture, & Sports
  • Beliefs

A few of our writers:

  • Richard Rodriguez, essayist, author and commentator on the Jim Lehrer "News Hour"
  • Earl Ofari Hutchinson, widely published black political analyst and columnist
  • David Bacon, long-time writer and photographer specializing in immigration and labor issues
  • Bill Beeman, Brown University anthropologist and expert on Iran
  • Peter Dale Scott, expert on U.S. foreign policy and intelligence

Newspapers that run our wire stories:

  • The San Francisco Chronicle
  • Chicago Sun Times
  • Los Angeles Times
  • New York Newsday
  • National Catholic Reporter
  • Baltimore Sun
  • La Opinion

The Editorial Exchange

Ethnic media that join the Exchange are able to use all NAM editorial news content free of charge. At the same time, stories from our Exchange partners will be eligible for promotion on our website and in our weekly e-mailed roundup of stories reaching over 3,000 people.

Why Join?

The Exchange broadens the news reach of our members and increases the visibility of our member media organizations with advertisers; all of our corporate advertising clients and many additional corporations receive our daily news via email. We also actively pitch stories from the Exchange to mainstream print, broadcast and radio news outlets.

As a member of NAM's News Exchange, your news organization will have access to all editorial content and will receive broadened visibility for your own editorial content


For More Information Contact:

Wendy Rockett | 415-503-4170