Award Winners

Winners of the First National Ethnic Media Awards

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Exceptional Communicators
Elvira Arellano, Chicago Sanctuary Activist
Terry B. Jones, Publisher, New Orleans Data News Weekly

Ethnic Media Champions
Jon Funabiki, Professor, San Francisco State University
Frank Quevedo, Vice-President, Southern California Edison

Flex Your Power Award
2006 Energy Efficiency Campaign Winner
Korea Times Newspaper


Best Investigative/In-Depth (English)
Winner: Dennis Romero, Tu Ciudad (Los Angeles, CA), “The Other Side
Runner-up: Viji Sundaram, India West (San Leandro, CA), "Women Innocent Victims of AIDS”
Honorable Mention: Sujeet Rajan, The Indian Express (New York, NY), “Living in America”

Best Investigative/In-Depth (In-Language)
Winner: Cristina Loboguerrero, El Diario / La Prensa (New York, NY), Three-Part Series: “He Promised them Glory but Brought them to Ruin,” “The ‘Miraculous’ Florida Connection,” and “Pastor Sotelo is Fired”
Runner-up: Hsien Hsiu Lu, Chinese Media Net Inc. / Duowei Times (Bayside, NY),Three-Part Series: “New York Chinese Commuter Van Industry Makes a Living on Narrow Streets,” “No Place To Park, Nowhere To Go,” and “Chinatown: Extortion or Protection?”

International Affairs (English)
Winner: Rupali Ghosh, SAMAR Magazine (Prince St. Station, NY), Indentured in Singapore’s Little India
Runner-up: Martha Vickery, Korean Quarterly (St Paul, MN), Two Part Series: “The Power of Good Ideas and the Problem of Stuff” and “Snapshots from a Window”

International Affairs (In-Language)
Winner: Euyhun Yi, The Korea Times (Los Angeles, CA), “Memories of Korea —Journey to Afghanistan
Runner-up: Nguyen Xuan Nghia, Viet Bao Daily News (Westminster, CA), "Vietnamese-American Relations: Permanent Normal?"
Honorable Mention: Ana Arana, El Diario / La Prensa (New York, NY), "Story of a Sex Slave"

Health Care
Winner: Kai Wright, Colorlines (Oakland, CA), Superinfectors
Runner-up: Alejandro Maciel, El Latino (Chula Vista, CA), “Elderly need urgent help”
Honorable Mention: Shirley Hawkins, Our Weekly (Los Angeles, CA), “HIV/AIDS – Reach One, Teach One”

Arts Sports And Entertainment (English)
Winner: Ky-Phong Tran, Nguoi Viet Daily News (Westminster, CA), So Long, Dat Ngyuen
Runner-up: Kalvin Perron, Bay Mills News (Brimley MI), “Lillian Wiser: the Blueberry Basket Maker”

Arts Sports And Entertainment (In-Language)
Winner: Wen Yu Liang, Sing Tao Daily (Brisbane, CA), “Traditional or Simplified? The Dilemma of Choice
Runner-up: Kim Chi Kim, Daily Sports Seoul (New York, NY), “Mourning the Artist, Paik Nam Jun”
Runner-up: Damaso Gonzalez, El Diario / La Prensa (New York, NY), “The Different Ones”

Commentary /Editorial Writing (English)
Winner: Ray Hanania, / Yedioth Ahronoth (Orland Park, IL), Three-Part Series: “Shedding Moonlight on Conflict,” “A new Language of Peace” and “Things Palestinians and Israelis share”
Runner-up: Ronault Catalani, The Asian Reporter (Portland OR), "Haditha"
Honorable Mention: Jerry Sullivan, Los Angeles Garment and Citizen (Los Angeles, CA), “Illegals Offer Lesson to Ill-advised Among Us”

Commentary /Editorial Writing (In-Language)
Winner: Chang Hyun Roh, Daily Sports Seoul New York (Dobbs Ferry, NY), "The Generation and Communication Gap When Your Child Does Not Speak Your Language"
Runner-up: Anna Giraldo Kerr, El Planeta (Needham, MA), "With One Hand I Receive You and With the Other I Remove You"
Runner-up: Hao-Nhien Q. Vu, Nguoi Viet Daily News (Westminster, CA), "Be kind to 'illegals'"

Women’s Issues
Winner: Liz Chow, Sing Tao Daily (New York, NY), Human Trafficking: A Form of Modern Slavery
Runner-up: Radhika Kumar, India Currents (San Jose, CA), “ A Window Opens Doors”
Runner-up: Abu Taher, Bangla Patrika (New York, NY), “The Story of the Working Couple Behind the ‘Halal Paratha’”

Best Youth Voice
Winner: Mohammed Omer, Washington Report on Middle East Affairs (Washington, DC), Series: "Gaza on the Ground"
Runner-up: Kali Terry, Insight News (St. Paul, MN), "Crossroads: Hip Hop Meets Delta Blues"
Honorable Mention: Yimmy Sanchez, El Tiempo Latino (Arlington, VA), "Crossing Borders to Conquer My Dreams"

Winner: Chenghui Hsu, World Journal (Whitestone, NY), “Delivery Man Shot Dead ”
Runner-up: Aurelia Ventura, La Opinión (Los Angeles, CA), “Confrontation”

Covering a Multi-Ethnic Society
Winner: Lavina Melwani, Little India (New York, NY), The Colors of Desi
Runner-up: Charles Ding, Sing Tao Daily (City of Industry, CA), “Vaughn Next Century Learning Center, A Model Charter School”

Movement for Immigrant Rights
Winner: Silja J.A. Talvi, ColorsNW Magazine (Seattle, WA), The Real Enemy?
Runner-up: Chih Yi Chen and Jian Cao, World Journal (New York, NY), “Restaurants Hire Workers Amid Numerous Legal Traps”

Covering Katrina and Its Aftermath
Winner: David Bacon, Jordan Flaherty, Tamika Middleton, and Eric Tang, ColorLines (Oakland, CA), Series: "Eye of the Storm: Rebuilding Communities of Color”
Runner-up: Corina Knoll, , KoreAm Journal (Gardena, CA), Three part series: "Weathering the Storm," "The Water's Edge" and "Learning and Forgetting Katrina"
Honorable Mention: Zenitha Prince, Afro American Newspapers (Baltimore, MD and Washington, DC), "The Death of a Neighborhood"

Technology Reporting
Winner: Anna M. Park, Audrey Magazine (Gardena, CA), The Waiting Game
Runner-up: Thuy Pham, Nhá Magazine (San Jose, CA), “Chit Chatting in the New Vietnam”

Black-Brown Relations
Winner: Pilar Marrero, La Opinion (Los Angeles, CA), Blacks and Latinos: Parallel Histories
Winner: ReShonda Billingsley, Houston Defender (Houston, TX), “Immigration


Best Community Talk Show
Winner: May Sheng Zhu, Sing Tao Chinese Radio (San Francisco, CA), “May’s Talk Show on Proposition 73”
Runner-up: Cihuapilli Rose Amador and Sundust Martinez, Native Voice TV (San Jose, CA), “Environmental Racism in Native Lands”

Best Investigative/In-Depth
Winner: Simone Gao, New Tang Dynasty TV (Monterey Park, CA), “Hi-tech companies, the Chinese government and the Internet”
Winner: Marilupe Rodriguez de Anaya, KMEX-TV Univision (Los Angeles, CA), “Y…¿Valio la Pena? Or Was it Worth It?”
Runner-up: Askia Muhammad, Soundprint (Washington, DC), “The Changing Face of Neighborhood Crime ”

Movement for Immigrant Rights,
Winner: Roy Lu, KSCI-TV LA-18 (Los Angeles, CA), “Live from the Border”
Runner-up: Ruben Luengas, KVEA Telemundo Channel 52 (Burbank, CA), "En Contexto"

Covering Katrina and its Aftermath
Winner: John Thai Dinh, Little Saigon TV (Santa Ana, CA), "The Vietnamese after Katrina from Houston to Baton Rouge to Biloxi"
Runner-up: J.R. Valrey, KMEL-FM 106.1 (San Francisco, CA), “Exile from 9th Ward - Block Report”