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What Is It?

The NCM Online Media Exchange is a way to take your web site to its highest possible level, at an extremely low cost that only New California Media could provide its members. Publish easily, generate incremental revenues, and build loyalty with your online community. The NCM Online Media Exchange provides tools that are very easy to use, yet sophisticated and powerful.

New California Media has teamed up with a cutting-edge technology firm, DW Alliance, to create the Web’s first truly unified network of Ethnic American media. When you join the NCM Online Media Exchange, you can access other members’ selected stories and publish them on your site, with only a few clicks. With the same ease, make your best stories available to other members, amplifying your publication’s audience and reputation. You can be a key part of the Ethnic media movement that is burgeoning in California and nationwide.

Who Is It For?

The NCM Online Media Exchange has been designed for all NCM members. It is especially useful for small to medium-sized members who want to have better web sites, but don’t have the budget or the technological know-how. If you don’t have a web site or you want to do more with your web site, the NCM Online Media Exchange can get you online quickly and easily, and at a low cost.

Six Tools, One Web

The NCM Online Media Exchange is a toolbox of six modules. You choose and pay only for the ones you want. Each of these modules is independent of the others, but they integrate with each other and with your Web site. All of these tools are completely Internet-based, so you can use them on any computer with a Web browser.

The modules can be rapidly added to any site, no matter where the site is presently hosted. Because they are Internet-based, you don’t need any special software or hardware. NCM’s technology partner, DW Alliance, maintains redundant co-location facilities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  This provides you with the utmost in security, performance and stability.

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NCM Publisher, the first of the six tools, is the foundation of the NCM Online Media Exchange. NCM Publisher makes it easy for you to publish a sophisticated and well-organized web site. It has a built-in search engine, and an integrated discussion board. What’s more, through the Media Exchange system, you can use other members’ content, just as you can make your best articles available in the network’s shared pool.

2) RELATION (contacts manager and database)
This tool can change the way you do business, offline and online. Manage all of your subscriber lists, customer relationships, and business relationships with “Relation.” Send targeted e-mail blasts and direct mail campaigns. Update contact information from anywhere at any time. Use this single system across different departments, and in different office locations, minimizing redundancy and outdated information.

3) EVENT JUNCTION (online calendar)
This web-based calendar is simple to use, yet highly flexible. Use it externally to publish events on your web site, and distribute event notices to your users. Use it within your organization for greater effiiciency. Use it to build an online community on your website by allowing your endusers to post events onto your site.

4) MARKETPLACE (online classifieds)
A great tool for online community networking. The bulletin board allows people to post classifieds listings easily and quickly, in the style of Craig’s List.

(jobs board)
This robust job board solution can be a great service to your viewers, and a source of alternative revenues for you. Employers can post job descriptions and search for good candidates, while job seekers can post their resumes and search for good jobs. To amplify your listings, you can optionally share listings with other members of the NCM network. Job Niche allows users to keep a private virtual journal to track their progress and interactions.

6) CONNECT (personals board)
This personals module will allow people who visit your site to meet one another online in a secure environment. It can generate alternative revenues for you while providing a fun service to your readers.


Linda Lee
DW Alliance