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NCM [New California Media] is a nationwide association of over 700 ethnic media organizations representing the development of a more inclusive journalism. Founded in 1996 by Pacific News Service, NCM promotes ethnic media by strengthening the editorial and economic viability of this increasingly influential segment of America's communications industry.

NCM's goal is to

Since its founding, NCM has built strong working relationships with Ethnic Media organizations across California who are interested in raising their public profile, enhancing their editorial and business capacities, and playing a more active leadership role in the state's broader civic affairs. NCM is now poised to expand its vision nationally.

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While various media coalitions already exist, such as the National Association of Hispanic Publishers and the National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA), NCM has become the most comprehensive multi-cultural, multi-media coalition to reach beyond the mainstream media.

NCM Editorial Exchange

NCM produces and aggregates some of the most diverse and cutting edge stories in the country. We are facilitating an inter-ethnic editorial exchange among our members. By digesting and syndicating the stories and voices that mainstream media misses, we are also raising the visibility of ethnic media and their audiences at a national level.
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NCM Media Services

NCM advocates the use of ethnic media as a tool to target under-served consumer markets as well as a voice for the under-represented communities. Our goal is to engage the ethnic media into the civic dialogue of our times while increasing the overall advertising pie for our network members.
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NCM Polls

Through its quarterly multilingual polling initiative, NCM is driving home the point that to track public opinion in the United States without accessing immigrant, ethnic and non-English speaking communities is to discount the voice of a large segment of the population.
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NCM Trade Association

Recognizing the great diversity among ethnic media organizations as an asset to the overall network, we facilitate exchange among our members through social gatherings, forums, workshops, and our flagship EXPO & Awards, dubbed "The Ethnic Pulitzers."
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NCM Membership

Find out how to become a member of NCM, take advantage of member benefits, participate to further strengthen and integrate the role of ethnic media into our nation's civic life.