Ethnic Media Association

Membership is free!

If you are an ethnic media organization – print, broadcast, or online –covering ethnic or minority communities in the United States, you are eligible to join our New America Media Association.

As a member, you will help grow the viability of ethnic media and we will help you increase your visibility, grow your editorial scope, expand your access to advertising sources, and develop your own associations to promote ethnic media to advertisers locally and regionally.

As a member of New America Media, your organization will have access to all the following services:

Daily Editorial Content
Daily editorial content is available for syndication through NAM News Service

National Ethnic Media Directory
Be listed in the National NAM Ethnic Media Directory distributed to advertisers nation wide

NAM Weekly Newsletter
Place announcements in NAM's weekly Newsletter reaching thousands of media and professionals nationwide

Newsmaker Briefings
Preferred access to newsmaker debates and briefings with elected officials

Professional Development
Preferred access to continuing education seminars and professional development services

Multilingual Polls
Preferred access to multilingual polling and survey data

Ethnic Media Awards
Eligibility to participate in and win National Ethnic Media Awards

For More Information Contact:

Inga Buchbinder at ibuchbinder[ at ]newamericamedia[ dot ]org or 415-503-4170.