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How the NCM Publisher System Works

The key to the NCM Publisher template management system is that it clearly separates Web content from site design. Thus, non-technical users can publish and edit the content themselves, without worrying about coding, design, or complicated site structures. Content editors can easily manage text and images, and decide which stories to share with the NCM Online Media Exchange network. A content editor can use any computer with a Web browser (like Netscape or Internet Explorer) - at any time. Whether at home, at work, or on the road, managing Web content has never been easier.

The NCM Publisher makes it easy to manage the sections of your web site. Stories can quickly be assigned to different sections. Sections can easily be created, moved and renamed. Older stories are automatically moved to organized archives.

All content is fully searchable with a built-in search engine, keeping all of your archived content alive and usable. An integrated discussion board enables readers to add their own thoughts and reactions, as soon as they read a story.

User administration is sophisticated and secure. Different users can have different levels of access. Some users can be allowed to publish directly with full access to the web site, while others (for example, freelance writers) post stories that must be "approved" by higher-level editors before appearing live.

Ian Kim
New California Media
Linda Lee
DW Alliance