NCM Editorial Exchange

The goal of NCM is to strengthen the editorial and economic viability of ethnic news outlets. As the core of this vision, we encourage an Editorial Exchange among our media members by: facilitating online exchange - reprinting member articles on our award winning website; and by encouraging members to reprint each other’s content to leverage the stories and issues affecting America’s ethnic and minority communities. We are regularly enhancing technical capabilities to expand upon this vision, so check the site often.

The NCM Website - - will select, publish and promote editorial content provided by participating media partners. NCM also encourages its members to reprint content from other NCM members, consistent with the following points, which shall be understood and accepted by all parties.


  • NCM will credit the source publication and original author.
  • If NCM members use articles republished on the NCM site, they must still credit original author and publication.
  • If NCM members reprint articles from other NCM members on a web site, they must link to the web site of the source publication whenever possible.


  • If NCM member reprints an article from another NCM member, they must first notify an NCM Editorial Exchange Editor.
  • Any stories reprinted without permission from NCM or without paying the fee will be considered in violation of copyright laws.


  • In the rare cases where the NCM member who originally published the article demands a reprint fee, this fee must be paid in full by the NCM member seeking permission to reprint the article.
  • This fee will be paid directly to the NCM member who originally published the article, according to their billing and payment guidelines.

Editorial Benefits for NCM Members

NCM offers original content produced by its 32-year-old umbrella news organization, Pacific News Service, to members at a significant discount (close to 50%). This includes daily Pacific News Service News Wire stories distributed online at, via email and the AP data feature wire, that bring the country’s most diverse editorial voices to you.

  • If an NCM member reprints content from Pacific News Service, they will pay a reprint fee according to the pricing structure below.
  • NCM member will credit Pacific News Service and original author

Pricing Structure:

  • Applies to original Pacific News Service content only.
  • Prices vary according to circulation numbers of NCM members (less than 50,000, 50,000 to 100,000, over 100,000).
Item Under 50,000 50,000 – 100,000 Over 100,000
Single $15 $25 $35
Monthly $30 $65 $80
Annual $300 $650 $800


  • "Single": Single Article (for PNS original content only)
  • "Monthly": Monthly unlimited (for PNS original content only)
  • "Annual": Annual unlimited (for PNS original content only).

Terms of Agreement

Please download this complete Membership Overview (pdf, 186 K), which includes the NCM Editorial Exchange Agreement.

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