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Multicultural, Multilingual Advertising

NAM multicultural, multilingual advertising services focus on working with and using ethnic media as a means of reaching under-targeted but enormous consumer markets. Since 2000, NAM's multicultural marketing division has developed a hybrid approach to help our clients leverage the full reach of ethnic media in both an advertising and editorial capacity.

One Buy - One Bill

Our success lies in our network of more than 700 ethnic media partners and our ability to provide a 'one buy-one bill' service for our clients - giving you an easy and efficient means to place ads in ethnic media publications reaching millions of consumers and voters in dozens of ethnic communities.

Ethnic Media Collaborators

NAM Marketing Services helps our clients hone their message to each individual ethnic community by providing focus groups and roundtable discussion with ethnic-media leaders when developing your campaign. Unlike most advertising firms, NAM recognizes that reaching multiple communities in multiple languages requires customized messaging within a single campaign. Including ethnic-media leaders as advisors in developing your campaign can also provide the possibility of editorial coverage down the road.


Currently, NAM offers a wide spectrum of media services including:

  • Planning, placement, and tracking with multiple ethnic media in our network
  • Customized planning with clients to develop the most efficient and cost-effective solutions to their marketing goals
  • Trans-creating mainstream ads into different languages to develop advertising messages with cultural-relevance
  • Customized editorial initiatives to drive home your social marketing message

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