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NAM Online Directory

Online database of more than 2500 ethnic print, broadcast and online media in the U.S. Includes a custom search feature and regularly updated listings. (1-yr. subscription). View Directory | Sliding scale


NAM Print Directory, Second Edition

This elegant second edition of the NAM Directory includes more than 2000 ethnic print, broadcast and online media nationwide organized by ethnicity and media type; 30 in-depth profiles and photos of the key players in ethnic media; and alphabetical and geographical indexes. 2005 View Directory | Sliding scale
The NAM Print Directory is SOLD OUT!


DVD: Bringing Young People to the Policy Table

California Council on Youth Relations (CCYR) presents "A year of discussion on mental health in foster care, juvenile justice and education. Contains 10 mental health recommendations for improving public systems serving young people. Video includes printed insert. Length: 12 min. Produced by YO!TV




California Research Bureau and New America Media present research and policy recommendations from homeless youth about improving how schools, law enforcement and housing service programs support homeless and runaway youth in finding and maintaining stable housing, getting an education, finding employment and meeting their aspirations. Video includes printed insert. Length: 26 min. Produced by YO!TV


Profiles of Ethnic Media

An in-depth look at the personalities and histories behind California's ethnic media. 2002


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Framing the News

Tracks and compares five major news stories as they were covered in ethnic, mainstream and homeland media. 2004


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The Teacher Who Changed My Life

Essays from diverse communities in CA on the teachers who made a difference in their lives, 2002. Included a complemetary copy of How Teaching Changed My life. Voices of multi-ethnic teachers committed to building a better future, 2002


NAM Social Marketing Case Study: CalTeach

A narrative case study outlining NAM's "high-touch" approach to developing and implementing social marketing campaigns through the ethnic media. Read how NAM assumed the responsibility for a $2 million public awareness campaign to recruit teachers from California's ethnic communities.


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Youth Outlook - Regular Subscription

A magazine of youth life in the Bay Area, produced and written across California's subcultures. Packed with news, artwork, comics, and photography. Printed in black & white. 10 issues per year


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Youth Outlook - Student Subscription

Must be a current student to subscribe.


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Sprawl - Subscription

Magazine for urban youths. 10 issues per year.


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The Beat Within - Subscription

A magazine of writing and conversation program in 40-plus Bay Area juvenile hall units. About 70 pages. 90 issues per year.


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Silicon Valley DeBug - Subscription

Writings of youths and workers in Silicon Valley, CA. 10 issues per year


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Youth Media Directory

This up-to-date, user-friendly guide to youth media nationwide includes profiles and contact information for more than 200 youth media outlets, organized by media type. 2004


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Freedom Manual

A compilation of writing and art by homeless youth including practical advice, personal narratives, and poetry about living "outside the system." 2004


A Rage to Do Better

A portrait of America's foster care kids with their stories, struggles and insights on the system in first-person narratives. 2000


Quietly Torn

A literary journal by young Lu Mienh Women living in Richmond, California.


Quietly Reborn

The sequel to Quietly Torn (see above), Quietly Reborn includes young Mien women and men between 12 and 21 and examines the idea of transformation and identity among an ethnic immigrant community.


Izote Vos - SOLD OUT

A literary journal of writing and art by young Salvadoran Americans living in California. 2000


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